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Grow with Endo

Using clean cannabis genetics, we are building the most reliable, strategic supply chain that is scalable in a fragmented legal landscape. Imagine selecting genetics that best reflect your brands and the kind of products you want to produce. Proper planning with experts is what you’ll find with Team Endo.

Read below the suite of products and services we offer and connect with us for further information.

1. Tissue Culture + Lab Services

2. Nursery Production Services

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3. Manufacturing/Processing Services

In partnership with Fire King, we are working with the largest cannabis cold water production facility in the US who currently provides bulk hash for the biggest brands such as Kiva Confections. Cold water is a full spectrum active ingredient that gives edibles, capsules and other ingestibles and smokable products a well-rounded, whole plant effect.

4. Distribution and Supply Chain Management Services

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Brand success relies on a combination of data, sales and strategic team to help push the supply chain along. Our distribution services are built to support mission-driven operators to make informed decisions and push them through the last mile with the best guidance. 

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