Endo is building a radically collaborative, data-backed ecosystem
that scales mission-driven operators from seed to sale.


Grounded in Science

We solve real problems in the cannabis industry by  starting at the root of the problem, the plant genetics.


We're creating seed-to-sale transparency for consumers, supply chain data for operators, and a unique NFT offering to uplift small breeders and brands.

Vertically Integrated

We hold and operate under 4 cannabis licenses in California, including  nursery/cultivation, manufacturing,  distribution, and delivery.


We're comprosed of a talented and passionate team of women,  LGBTQ, legacy, and social equity operators unified under one mission.

Rare Partnerships

We've partnered with the strongest up-and-coming cannabis companies. 


We know Cannabis and we know Community. We are the bridge that unites them.


Disrupting the cannabis industry with a cutting-edge supply-chain ecosystem where everyone benefits


The Endo Model



Verified, Healthy Plants

We provide verifiable, virus and pest-free plants that have been genotyped and strain-banked in our vault of genetics. We provide growers healthy, verified stock plants through the highly technical tissue culture cloning technique. 


Data and Feedback

We collect and share valuable supply chain data from our nursery through our retail partnerships to create seed-to-sale transparency for our brands and consumers.


Curated Brands

We support the growth of external and internal brands by providing distribution services for over 22 equity, legacy, and women-owned brands in California. These services include: 

  • Brand sales to retailers

  • Bulk sales to brands

  • Lab testing

  • Transportation logistics to retailers

Join Our Movement

We are currently looking for investors, partners, and team members. If you're ready to be apart of the next wave of cannabis innovation, contact us below!

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