Rooted in Science, Elevated by The Culture

A female, BIPOC-led cannabis business founded in 2009 in San Francisco. Endo focuses on providing clean, novel cannabis genetics to growers and helps operators collaboratively stabilize and scale their supply chain into new territories.


Endo Works to Fulfill Its Vision and Mission By:

  • Being the cannabis industry’s trusted tissue culture lab to safely bank and clean up your genetics

  • Supplying the healthiest, virus-free plants to growers using our in-house tissue culture lab and in partnership with breeders who have novel genetics

  • Providing IP monetization for breeders through FAIR royalty and licensing deals

    Consistently building upon our standard operating procedures through data collection and collaboration with our growers

  • Providing brands procurement services of harvested material from farms growing Endo's clones

  • Partnering with social equity, legacy and women-led brands and operators to support a more scalable growth model for expansion

  • Unifying and supporting supply chain operators grounded in a shared ethos

  • Hiring and providing real career advancement opportunities for BIPOC, women, veterans, LGBTQ and justice-impacted communities.

How Endo Is Bringing Transparency, Consistency And Collaboration To The Cannabis Industry:

At Endo, our impact starts at the very beginning, with better, verifiable genetics. They are the building blocks of the industry. Nurseries and growers benefit from healthier plants with better yields and higher quality. Brands receive consistent high-quality flower quality. Consumers can rest assured knowing their products come from people dedicated to delivering reliable plant medicine from a mission-driven supply chain supporting operators from small businesses from diverse backgrounds and communities affected by the War on Drugs.

Genetic Testing

Every single one of our plants is genotyped to provide a DNA fingerprint. Endo also provides genetics testing services such as accurate pathogen and virus testing to guarantee healthy plants.

Tissue Culture Services

Endo provides cannabis tissue culture services in partnership with 3Rivers Biotech, to store, maintain and perform virus remediation for cannabis genetics under sterile and stable conditions


Endo partners with event planners to set up consumption events. We help brands showcase their products, their story, the equitable supply chain collaboration and the genetics that are the building blocks for the supply chain.


Endo provides premium, healthy clones and ready-to-flower plants from our clean indoor facility.

Supply Chain Management & Procurement

Endo provides supply chain management, procurement, printing services for mission-driven brands grounded by a strong Endo ethos.


Endo is partnered with Fire King, to produce the highest quality solventless hash and rosin from Endo’s genetics to create novel products.


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