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We envision a world where human health is transformed through the accessible and widespread consumption of reliable, high-quality plant medicine. Our mission is to create a sustainable and inclusive supply-chain ecosystem where everyone benefits.

Endo Works to Fulfill Its Vision By:

  • Safely banking and cleaning up cannabis  genetics from viruses and diseases

  • Supplying the healthiest, virus-free plants to growers 

  • Providing IP monetization for breeders through fair royalty and licensing deals

  • Providing procurement services of harvested material from farms growing Endo's clones

  • Partnering with social equity, legacy and women-led operators 

  • Unifying and supporting supply chain operators grounded in a shared ethos

  • Hiring and providing real career advancement opportunities for underrepresented communities

  • Building the groundwork for consumption lounges

Origin Story

Endo Industries was founded in 2009 out of a San Francisco garage starting with 72 plants and two lights. Within a few short years, we expanded into grow houses, warehouses then greenhouses. Since then, we have evolved from specializing in nursery and cultivation work to touching nearly every part of the supply chain within a close-knit ecosystem. Today we are leading the way to be the trusted multi-state, social equity-led parent company with licenses and partnerships in nursery, manufacturing, distribution and retail.

Endo partners with mission-driven operators and helps them tell their stories and scale sustainable businesses. We work with brands that are dedicated to wellness, community, social equity, legacy cannabis and culture. We take quality seriously and focus on genetics, and we will never lose sight of the people who have fought for the plant. Its origin story and our origin story.

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In the News:

Meet Our Team

Nancy Do

CEO + Founder

Sydney Cespedes

Director of Workforce Development

Steven Phan

Chief of Staff

Andrew Concepcion

Sales Manager

Our Advisors

Companies + Organizations We Work With

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