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A Fresh Start

We are proud to partner with BACR on the Fresh Starts pilot program launch. You can read more about the workforce development-oriented non-profit, and what we are helping to build here. While we are in our early stages, we have high aspirations for Fresh Starts to become a replicable model to build a more equitable industry. We’ve always believed that our existence in cannabis is largely credited to our community and peers. It’s an important part of our company ethos to return that very support to those who deserve a rightful space in this industry. If that vision speaks to you, please connect with us at We are currently looking for:

  1. Externship Partners: San Francisco/Bay Area operators who are available to provide 2-3 weeks of externship opportunities to our cohort candidates.

    1. The expense of their training will be covered by Fresh Starts

  2. Hiring Partners: a crucial component of Fresh Starts is job placement. We would love to hear from you if you have entry-level positions available for our candidates to graduate into.

    1. They should of course, go through your typical interview process

  3. VR Partners: Our vision is to make industry-specific educational resources available online for currently incarcerated, justice-impacted and people from underserved communities.

  4. Candidate Referrals: please refer anyone who may benefit from enrollment in our program. Requirements are:

    1. Ages 21 - 30

    2. Justice-impacted (directly or their families)

    3. They will have to go through a vetting process to be selected

  5. Investors: are you interested in donating funding or resources?

The Fresh Starts team thanks you for your consideration! We look forward to collaborating with you and moving our industry along together.


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