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Meet our Chief of Staff: Steven Phan

Please welcome our Chief of Staff, Steven Phan.

Originally from San Francisco, he is a passionate entrepreneur and avid activist in the cannabis industry. For the last 12 years, Steven has spent his time in New York, building the NY cannabis market. Steven launched his first business, QuadDeuceNil, in 2014 with a mission to address common misconceptions surrounding cannabis and educate skeptics on its benefits. In 2018 Steven launched Come Back Daily, a CBD retail store in New York City. Come Back Daily has since received much praise, including #1 CBD Shop in NYC.

In addition to his various entrepreneurial pursuits, his involvement and reputation in the New York cannabis market runs deep. Steve sits as Retail Committee Chair of the Cannabis Association of New York, and is a continuous advocate for legal and accessible cannabis.

Steven Phan joined the Endo Industries Team to carry out the vision of education, equity and inclusion in the cannabis industry, and to help expand Endo to New York and beyond. He wears many hats in the company and is playing a big part building the business development department currently.

It was through his experience in supply chain management through his family’s seafood business that he was able to recognize the importance of Endo’s role in the cannabis industry. “I wanted to not only be a part of the science but also the strong ethos and values of the company,” says Steven.

His experience, dedication and expertise in cannabis have been invaluable to the Endo team, and he’s just getting warmed up.


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