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Endo Makes History at San Francisco’s 44th Annual Carnaval

Last week our team successfully helped facilitate legal cannabis sales and consumption at California’s first free and public cannabis garden.

A sublet of the 44th Annual San Francisco Carnaval, Gift of Doja Events was the main organizer of the cannabis event Jardin de Hierba Buena. Our team was honored to have taken part in a historical event. To the cannabis community, the impact of this event was much larger than distributing cannabis products; participating in the Jardin was the inception of normalizing cannabis consumption at public events and to showcase small, local brands from diverse and deep roots in cannabis. Its impact cannot be overlooked.

Our team was composed of BIPOC-led companies including Nouera, MD Numbers and The Higher Consciousness. These companies represent various parts of the cannabis supply chain, from retailers to cannabis genetics experts and event planners. Our likeness comes from the strong values that uphold both our individual organizations and our shared collaborations. Without the same resources as large corporations, we are united in uplifting small businesses as we operate our own.

It is not just our team of equity operators and minority owned businesses that we have to thank for the materialization of this event. We are eternally indebted to those who have worked alongside us for the right to enjoy cannabis, and we are grateful to be entrusted to uphold the values and ethics of legacy cannabis contributors.

To participate in this event was to see the resolution of the trials and tribulations associated with decades of effort toward legalization. It represents the progress we have made as a unified whole, and reaffirms our belief that with work, the modern cannabis industry can benefit the same people it once encumbered.


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